Devereaux - Kaiser Collector Car Show FAQs

Who is running the Devereaux - Kaiser show now?

The Sarasota Firefighters Benevolent Fund is the primary coordinator of the show, planned and staff strictly by volunteers, proceeds go directly to our organization, please visit for more information.

The Sunshine region AACA car club has retained staffing of the “car coral”.

Do I need to register my car?

No, there is no registration process or fee to show your car... Just show up, show off and have a good time!

Is there a fee to attend the show?

Show cars will never be charged an entry fee (donations appreciated of course)

There is a $5 entry donation for spectators, kids under 10 are free.

The show has always been the last Sunday of January, why did it change?

There is a tremendous amount of logistics and planning that go into a show of this size, January a very “unpredictable” month in regards to weather.

April is a more “stable” and predictable time of the year  (any of us that have attended the show over the years can remember many dreary, rainy, and cold January Sundays)

Why do cars have to be over 25 years old?

This has been a standing rule of the show for many years, we are dedicated to uphold that tradition, and many organizations define an “antique” as 25 years old.

What time can I enter with my show car?

8:30 AM, (earlier if possible)

 The show is primarily staffed by firefighters and our shift change is at 8AM, 2 thirds of our work force is at the fire house until close to 8AM.

You’re welcome to show up earlier, but the gates won’t be open until 8:30.

Where do the show cars enter the grounds?

Pompano AV.

If traveling west on Fruitville, you will turn into the main entrance, then left at the arena building, right on Pompano, if traveling east on Fruitville right, directly on Pompano Av.  (see map)

I have a replica car that was built less than 25 years ago, can I still bring it ti the show?

Yes, of course as long as it replicates an actual car that is older than 25 years (AC Cobra, Auburn, Porsche speedster, Model A, MG, etc).

Can I park with my friends?

Yes, of course, as long as you arrive together, we will have a dedicated staging area adjacent to the show car entrance to wait for others, just make sure you let the parking attendants know your together (especially large groups) so you are not separated, “saving spots” will not be permitted.

Why don’t you park cars based on make or era?

Since we do not require any show cars to register it would be impossible to predict how many spots for a given car type we would need.

Many clubs will coordinate to arrive as a group, we will park everyone together as a group, just let a parking attendant know.

I'm trailering my car, is there a place unload and park the trailer?

Yes, there is a grass field adjacent / south of the show car entrance (Pompano Av.) for trailer parking, loading / unloading.

Can we bring our own food and drinks?

Yes of course, however there will be several quality food vendors in attendance, we also sell draft beer.

Outside alcoholic beverages strictly prohibited.

Glass bottles (of anything) prohibited.

Is there judging or prizes for show cars?

There is no registration, judging or prizes at this show, please see the event history for more information.

We are coming from out of town, and staying for the weekend, is there a “host hotel”?

At this time there is no “host hotel”, but we are working on it.

There are several quality hotels near the show grounds we can recommend, especially in the downtown / bay front area.

Can I bring my golf cart?

No it's a car show.

Personal mobility chairs / scooters are welcome.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, well behaved dogs on a leash are welcome, you will need be prepared to “pick up” after them.

If they are prone to “leg lifting”, you’ll need to keep them away from show car tires!

Is there handicapped parking?

Yes, there is handicapped parking in the main paved lot directly in front of the arena.

How can I be a vendor?

Please see the “vendor” section for instructions and registration

Im interested in being an event sponsor, who do I speak to?

Contact show coordinators Dana Anderson or Patty Wacha to discuss sponsorship options.